8 Piece Garden of Roses on Your Desk!

Can you imagine your desk/office decorated with roses all over? Well I have it for you. This is an 8 piece desk set decorated with exquisite roses. This set includes all matching portfolio, 3 paper file folders (very light card stock-not for heavy filing) with little bows in the top corner of the file, notepad, pen and 2 binder clips. Don’t see something else you'd like in this pattern? I can do just about anything in these beautiful florals. I have a 14 piece desk set with tape dispenser, stapler, etc. listed so please check that out too. The florals in these are very crisp and clear-sometimes my pictures don’t look sharp. Need a more customized set? Email me. This is a very special gift for yourself or someone on that special occasion list. PLEASE NOTE: due to paper flower stock your two paper flower pieces on the plastic portfolio (at the ribbons)will vary slightly but will s match with the ribbon staying the same as shown. My pictures sometimes have a tendency to look off white but these are all good true white based color.
Measurements are:
Portfolio:10” by 12”
File Folders: 10” by 12”
Binder Clips:large 1 ¼” wide, small ¾” wide
Notepad: 3” by 5”
Pen (with cap top): 5 ½” tall

Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock

I wanted you to see this! I wanted you to see this!

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