Roses All Over Stapler

This is a new stapler with the prettiest pink and plump roses (decals) ever. It has been sealed for years of use. I have everything available with these roses including a matching tape dispenser. I havc listed a few one of a kind pieces with these roses that are well, one of a kind and gone when someone is lucky enough to buy them-they are in the last photo. If you click on the last photo you will see another picture of this stapler.  Due to time constraints I am just not able to do all of my original office/desk accessories with these roses so if you don't see what you want email me please.  

Please note!!! I can no longer get this stapler and have gone to another shape. You can see the new shape by viewing my 14 piece desk set group picture.

Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock

I wanted you to see this! I wanted you to see this!

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