Cath Kidston Magazine Holder/Organizer

This is a magazine holder/organizer covered in real Cath Kidston wallpaper. It is such a beautiful pattern! This measures 4" by 9 3/4" deep and 11" tall. Due to using as much of the wallpaper as possible your pattern may vary slightly from the pictures. The background of this is not white as it looks in my pictures. The background is a soft cream. When you click on the last picture to enlarge it will take you to another picture of this as well. I have a desk top box and my desk pad in this pattern so please check those out as well. I can also do this floral bouquet on my desk accessories like a stapler.
Due to stock availability your flower on the front may vary slightly from that shown.
Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock

I wanted you to see this! I wanted you to see this!

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