Cherub & Lily of the Valley Labels/Stickers,Tags

I am so excited to finally have some sweet labels for you. I just can never find anything pretty like mine so I have to just make them! I just love flowers and cherubs and no one has sweet ones. This is a vintage (image)set of sweet cherubs with hand done porcelain lily of the valley added to the side. These are card stock and can be used as labels or stickers. The adhesive backing is permanent and will definately stick where you place it. I can do re-positional ones too so just let me know if you want those instead.   If you want tags let me know and I can add a sweet ribbon at the top. I can do any size or sizes that all fit on one 8 1/2" by 11" piece of paper. If you need more than one sheet just put that number in the quantity field. I will also be having more pretty ones soon so please check back often.

Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock

I wanted you to see this! I wanted you to see this!

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